Richa Sharma Honored With The 'Best Actress' Award For The Movie 'Blood Money'

Jan 22, Kathmandu- Actress Richa Sharma has won the best actress award at a film festival in Australia for the short film 'Blood Money'. Richa won an award from the Titan Film Festival held in Sydney. She is ready to return to Nepal with the trophy next Wednesday.

Ashok Timalsina, the writer and director of the film, was also honored at the festival. It is mentioned in the statement issued by the producer that this Nepali short film received an excellent response in the festival where films from other countries also competed and foreign producers are interested in shooting the film in Nepal.

This film had previously won awards at festivals including Singapore's Old Film Carnival Festival. Director Timalsina, who has been living in Australia for a decade and a half, tells the story of the struggle of young people who have been forced to go abroad due to family situations through the film.

In this 28-minute film, Timalsina himself acted in the role of the son, while Mithila played the role of the mother and Richa played the role of the wife. It is said that this film, which has been released on YouTube, has received good response from the audience.

Talking about work, the film 'Chi Musi Chi' starring Richa was released recently and the film produced by her, 'Kauseed', is about to be released.