iPhone 15 Being Released Next Month

Jan 22, Kathmandu- The fifteenth series of iPhone smartphones is going to be released in the next few months. New information about the design of this phone, which has been in the news since last year, has come out again.

According to the information, the size of the display of the iPhone 15 will be the same as that of the iPhone 4 series of smartphones. However, this display will be thinner than the previous one and the edge of the display will be curved. Shrimp Apple Pro (ShrimpApplePro), which brings out information about Apple's products, has given information about the display design of the iPhone fifteen through a thread on his Twitter.

Also, the bezels will be curved. It is said that the design of this phone will be similar to iPhone 5C to some extent. Apple is currently working on the iPhone Fifteen after the iPhone Fortnite failed to gain traction in the market.