Mehboob And Adil Arrested For 'Spot Fixing' In Nepal T20 League

Jan 23, Kathmandu- Two cricketers have been arrested for spot-fixing in the Nepal T20 league cricket.

The team of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) has arrested Nepali cricketers Adil Ansari and Mehboob Alam on the charge of spot-fixing.

Adil played for Janakpur Royals in the Nepal T20 League. Mehboob had not played in the league. Adil made his debut in the national team last year in a match against the USA.

Mehboob was out of the national team for a long time. He has a record of taking 10 wickets in a single match. He went to India during the league. From there, he contacted the cricketer for fixing, according to the police.

In spot-fixing, there are settings for getting out/not getting out in so many runs, a person making so many runs in so many balls, a bowler bowling a loose ball in so many overs, etc. Based on that, betting and betting money are done.