Municipality Provides Rs 5000 Per Month To Chronic Patients

Jan 23, Kathmandu- Kathekhola rural municipality, which is connected to the district headquarters, Baglung market, has been doing new things every year.

This year, the municipality has arranged to give monthly allowances to chronically ill citizens within the municipality. It was decided by the 12th village assembly of the villagers to give living expenses to the chronically ill. Raju Thapa, chairman of the rural municipality, informed that an arrangement has been made to provide an allowance of 5000 every month in order to collect the expenses of the chronic patients in the rural municipality and support them in their livelihood.

The village assembly has allocated a total budget of 10.4 million for the supplementary fund and 2.5 million for the accumulated fund. President Thapa said that 24 schemes have been addressed from the budget. The village assembly has passed various bills.