Power political parties have weakened the machinery of the state: Rabi Lamichhane

Jan 24, Kathmandu- Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane has said that the media is being used to spread false information.

In the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday, he mentioned that although he was not interested in the media's content, he had to respond when false information was spread by the media. "I have no interest in the media. Because I am a person who has come out of there. I am not in favor of commenting on the content that comes there", he said. "If the media had not been used as a medium to spread false information, we would not have had to respond".

In addition to this, he said that the political parties that have been in power for years have brought the state machinery to an unstable state. He said that he is working day and night to improve the system for that. He said, "Political parties that have been ruling the government for years have made the state machinery unstable. We have been working on improving the system since we took over the Ministry of Home Affairs. We are working to show the results".