In my government, no more than 10 percent of ministers will be made: PM Prachanda

Jan 24, Kathmandu- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) has said that the number of ministries in the provinces will not be allowed to increase beyond 10 percent of the members of the provincial assembly.

On Tuesday, he said that the number of provincial ministries will be reduced during the discussion in the National Assembly on the report of the Special Committee on Federalism Implementation Study and Monitoring.

Stating that anti-federalism got an opportunity to raise questions when a large council of ministers was formed in the province, the prime minister said, "After the government is formed under my leadership, we have said with great determination that no more than 10 percent of ministers will be appointed, ministers will be reduced."

"Decreasing one ministry saves millions. In the constitution, there is a provision that up to 20 percent of the provincial assembly members can be made ministers. That is why ministries were added to the provinces", he added.