UML MP Raghubir questions - How can a famous person like Laxmi Mahato become a murderer?

Jan 24, Kathmandu- CPN-UML Secretary Raghubir Mahaseth has raised a question as to how MP Laxmi Mahato Koiri can be a murderer.

In the meeting of the House of Representatives held on Tuesday, he said that just as Laxmi is worshiped at home on the day of Laxmi Puja, Koiri is worshiped every day in Mahottari. Just as Laxmi is worshiped at home on the day of Laxmi Puja, he is worshiped every day in Mahottari. "How can such a famous person be a murderer?", asks Mahaseth.

Mahaseth said that Koiri is a popular leader and as his case is under appeal, he cannot be called a criminal at this time. "Now Laxmi Mahato Koiri is being talked about in the country. In this House of Representatives, MPs raised many discussions. The word criminal was also used. The work was done to find out why the police did not arrest him", he said, "If he is a criminal, then why did he do the work recommended by the government to give him an honorable and prestigious medal, the social service medal in the election?"

"Didn't you see a criminal at that time?' Mahaseth also requested not to form an opinion about Laxmi Mahato as the court did not identify her as a criminal", he said. Mahaseth has asked MP Laxmi Mahato Koiri to arrest him if he is guilty, but not to connect the matter of his arrest with UML.