Demonstration In Janakpurdham In Favor Of Federal Parliament Koiri

Jan 25, Kathmandu- Demonstration in Janakpurdham in favor of Laxmi Mahato Koiri elected from Mahottari 1. A protest was held in Janakpurdham, the capital of Madhesh province, at a time when an arrest warrant was issued for Koiri, who was elected from CPN-UML but was not arrested.

Under the leadership of Dinesh Purve, the leader of the Madhesh movement, the procession, which was taken out from Bhanuchowk in Janakpurdham, circled different parts of the city.

They also raised slogans against the government and police administration. Civil leader Ramrijhan Yadav, who participated in the demonstration, accused Koiri of trying to trap him in a disgraceful manner.

He claimed that although Thaman BK was killed by the protestors during the Madhesh agitation, MP Koiri was not even present there. Koiri was elected after defeating the leader of the Maoist center and former minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel.