Kiranbhakt Joshi Started 'Incessant Rain Academy'

Jan 27, Kathmandu: Kiran Bhakta Joshi, the founder of Incessant Rain Studio, who is working in Hollywood and other big industry films from Nepal, has started 'Incessant Rain Academy'.

On Monday, he started the 'Incessant Rain Academy' in collaboration with Dave Dotcom founder Paras Chitrakar and Nepali private equity company TNA Associates. The academy will conduct classes in visual effects, 3D animation, game development, filmmaking, graphics development, and app development.

Michael Croft, head of the UNESCO office and representative of Nepal, was present at the opening event. On that occasion, he discussed the opportunities given to young Nepalese by the Academy and its positive impact on the Nepali film industry. Likewise, American Ambassador to Nepal Dean R. Thompson visited the academy on Thursday.

On the occasion of the visit, Thompson praised the academy, saying that it would create a better living and opportunity for artists in Nepal. Talking to the students who have started their studies since the opening day, he encouraged them to continue their studies and expressed confidence in their bright future. In addition, Ambassador Thompson also visited the Incessant Rain Film Studio located in Kathmandu. During this, he praised Kiran Bhakta Joshi, director of studios for worldwide films.