16 Died Due To The Storm In Madagascar

Jan 27, Kathmandu- 16 people have died due to the storm in Madagascar, a country located on the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Another 19 people have gone missing after being caught in a storm in the island nation.

According to the received news, there has been a storm outbreak in Cheneso region of Madagascar for a few days. According to the information given by the Natural Disaster Management Center of Madagascar, the general public is called to exercise caution as the danger of the storm is still present.

According to the government's Office for Risk and Disaster Management, more than 55,000 people have been affected by the storm. More than 25,000 of them have been shifted from their homes and some others have been asked to be vigilant.

According to Malagasy authorities, 13,000 houses were flooded due to the storm, while another 500 houses were washed away.