Lamichhane Will Be Able To Contest The Election Again With Citizenship!

Jan 27, Kathmandu- With the Supreme Court's order on Friday, Rabi Lamichhane, who lost the post of MP, party chairman, deputy prime minister, and home minister at the same time, will be allowed to contest elections again with citizenship.

According to advocate Lalit Basnet, the decision of the Supreme Court is very transparent and Lamichhane will be able to contest elections again with citizenship. He also said that this result has come about today because of Lamichhane's indifference to regaining citizenship. According to him, it is not that Lamichhane is not a Nepali citizen, but he did not go through the process of regaining his citizenship after giving up his citizenship.

According to an official of the district administration office, Lamichhane, who was relieved of all posts after the order of the Supreme Court, can complete the process and get citizenship on Sunday if he wants to. Since there are no negative comments or orders in the order of the Supreme Court, Ravi can get a copy of their Nepali citizenship on Sunday itself after completing the process.