I Will Invest The Money Collected In The Donation Box In The Field Of Education: Tourism Minister Sudan Kirati

Jan 28, Kathmandu- Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati has said that the money collected in the donation box instead of food and garlands will be invested in the education sector.

Informing that the donation box has been closed, Minister Kirati gave this information through social media. He has written, "It is reported that the amount collected in the donation box, including my one month and 15 days' facility of the secretariat, is Rs 6 lakh 434." The donation box has been closed since January 13th. We thank everyone who participated in this beautiful campaign.

After becoming a minister, instead of congratulating with food and garlands, Kirati kept a donation box asking for help. He wrote, "The above-mentioned amount will be used to establish renewable funds in schools in remote areas as a step in our educational development campaign." The name of the school and the transfer process will be announced soon.