Archay's Wife Objects On Making His Bank Account Details Public

Feb 02, Kathmandu- Nanuka Adhikari, the wife of Prem Prasad Aacharya, who committed self-immolation, has objected to the disclosure of his bank account details. She said that she was mentally stressed when there was misinformation on social media about the amount deposited in the account along with the details of the bank account. He said that apart from the screenshots of bank accounts being spread on social media, she has been in mental torture coming from different places. The official, who was assigned to her husband's cremation in her home district, Ilam, said that she was not aware of the amount deposited in the account. She said, "My husband did not take that step to ask me to give him money".

"Now I am in his nine-day cremation, but messages and posts are coming on social media that have been stressing me out even more", she said. She said, "I have not personally asked anyone to put money into my account". Funds may have been collected from the helpers, but I have been made to go viral and spread misinformation". She said that she will file a complaint with the help of her relatives in Kathmandu against the banks and employees who violated her privacy.