Ward Office Made The Capital In Lumbini province!

Feb 02, Kathmandu- Due to the non-completion of the physical infrastructure work, there has been difficulty in the management of the ministry since the capital of Lumbini province was shifted from Butwal to Dang's Deukhuri.

The Ministries of Lumbini Province are now being transferred to Ward Office, Technical Education Buildings. The Ministry of Agriculture has been moved to the office of Ward No. 2 of Rapti Rural Municipality. In a two-story building, the ward office is on one floor and the ministry is on the other floor.

Government spokesperson Chet Narayan Acharya says that the work of setting up the ministry is going on at a fast pace. Acharya said, "Ministry establishment and housing management work is going on in full swing, 10 ministries along with the Chief Minister will have to be established in the permanent capital Deukhuri".