Education About Road Safety And Driving Will Be Held In Schools At Lalitpur Metropolis

Mar 13, Kathmandu:  Subjects related to road safety and vehicles will be formally taught in schools within the Lalitpur metropolis. The metropolis has prepared the book as a local curriculum to apply the book up to the basic level of the school.

After the Lalitpur Metropolis included the book titled Road Safety Education in the local curriculum, the students in the Metropolis will formally acquire knowledge related to road safety and vehicles from the classroom. The book was released on Monday by artist Madankrishna Shrestha and head of Lalitpur Mahanagar Chiribabu Maharjan and 20 students from different schools. The book has been prepared to apply up to the basic level.

Chiribabu Maharjan, the head of the Lalitpur metropolis, said that since it is necessary to give knowledge about road safety to children from the school level, this subject has been included in the curriculum. He said, "We are preparing a curriculum for the secondary level as well, in that book we will include information about left-side driving and right-side driving."

Deputy Chief Manjali Shakya said that Lalitpur Metropolis has given priority to practical knowledge and has kept road safety education in the curriculum. He explained that this book will educate children about road safety. Artist Madan Krishna Shrestha said that following the traffic rules on the road is a sign of civilized citizens. He said, "Those who follow the law are smart, those who violate the law are unwise." He claimed that this book is the first in South Asia.

Ganesh Aryal, chief administrative officer of the metropolis, while commenting that the awareness, vigilance, and safety vision book is good, said that it is essential to educate students about road safety. He explained that the teaching of this book placed in the curriculum will make students aware of road safety.

The book covers Road Traffic, Crossing, Traffic Signs, Helmets and Seatbelts, Roads for All, Sports and Roads, Sky Bridges, Subways, Safety in Buses, Queuing, Drunkenness, Traffic Rules, Cycling, Accidents and Avoidance, priority treatment, I am a wise student, right-wrong, traffic signs are explained with pictures and letters. The book was edited by Sitaram Hachethu, the city police chief of the metropolis.