You Can Now Post 90-Second Reels On Facebook

Mar 13, Kathmandu: Meta Company has released some new creative expression-related features for Facebook users.

According to this, now Facebook users can make Facebook Reels videos up to 90 seconds. Previously, only one-minute-long Facebook reels could be created and uploaded. The new feature has been announced by the Meta company through a Facebook account called Meta for Creators.

Now users can create ready-made reels from Facebook's Memories just like on Instagram. Also, the company has launched a new feature called Grooves. This feature will now align and synchronize the speed of the user's video according to the beat of any song.

Similarly, through the newly added Templates tools, users can easily create their own reel videos on trending content. Remember Meta Company already made all these features available in Instagram Reels seven months ago.

As competitor platform TikTok reached to compete with YouTube by making videos of up to 15 minutes, Meta also lengthened Facebook reels. Meta Company, which launched Instagram Reels in 2020 to compete with TikTok, launched Facebook Reels only last year.