Oil Corporation Buys Electric Vehicle

Mar 14, Kathmandu- Nepal Oil Corporation, which has a monopoly for the sale of petrol and diesel, has purchased electric vehicles. In the first phase, the corporation purchased 3 electric vehicles. BYD Auto Industry Company's all-new E6 vehicle will be used by the corporation. The Corporation has purchased the vehicle at a rate of 59 lakhs.

According to the corporation, the electric vehicle was purchased due to the current need to minimize the high consumption of fuel. Manoj Thakur, deputy director of the corporation, said that due to the current need to reduce fuel consumption, for example, the corporation bought an electric vehicle. He said that the vehicle will be used for the central office. "We have purchased the vehicle in accordance with the policy of reducing the consumption of petrol and diesel and increasing the use of electric vehicles," he said. He also said that in the coming days, they are looking for an opportunity to convert the petrol/diesel vehicles of the corporation into electric ones.

Yamuna Shrestha, the managing director of Symex Inc., the official seller for BYD in Nepal, said that the all-new E6 electric vehicle can travel up to 522 kilometers on a single charge. She said that if the dependence on petroleum products can be removed by using electric vehicles, the country's business losses will also be relieved. She said, "Oil Corporation starting using electric vehicles will send a good message, it will act as a catalyst for the widespread use of electric vehicles in Nepal."