Ukraine Issue Threatens Direct Confrontation Between Russia And US

Mar 15, Kathmandu:  The Ukraine war case has increased the danger of a direct confrontation between the two great powers, Russia and the United States.

A serious challenge has been added to international security after an American unmanned drone collided with a Russian fighter jet and crashed on Tuesday.

Colliding with a Russian fighter plane, his M. Q. The US Defense Ministry claims that nine drones crashed in the Krishna Sea. Different from normal drones and with special capabilities, the wings of this drone are up to 20 meters wide. Russia has said that the American drone crashed when it tried to turn too fast.

While an American unmanned drone was flying over the Krishna Sea for spying and surveillance, two Russian warplanes surrounded it. Security experts have analyzed that these two countries have come to a direct confrontation after the drone flown by the US military hit the Russian target when the radar could not monitor it.

Meanwhile, the United States has responded to Russia's display of desperation by shooting down a drone flying in international waters. The European Command of the US Army issued a statement stating that the Russian fighter jet Su-27 shot down the drone and said that the Russian action could increase the tension unnecessarily.

Similarly, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the American drone was flying close to the sky of Crimea, but the Russian warplane did not hit it.