Black And White Version To Be Screened At NIFF

Mar 15, Kathmandu: The movie 'The Secrets of Radha', which was screened in August this year, will be screened in black and white version at the Nepal International Film Festival(NIFF).

Director Suvarna Thapa informed us that the "Director's Cut'' version of the film that has already been screened will be displayed at the festival. “The festival edition is different from the one performed in the hall. Since there is no pressure from the commercial side, the artistic side is dominant here", said director Thapa. The movie was shot in two versions, both color, and black and white. However, it was not possible to show the black-and-white version in public. Actress Shristi Shrestha is in the lead role in the movie and the story of a wife who goes out in search of her husband is shown.

Similarly, actresses Priyanka Karki and Malvika Subba and director Renasha Rai are scheduled to discuss the topic of 'Mother Role: Responsibility and Career' at the festival. KP Pathak, president of the organizing organization, informed that the actress will discuss various aspects along with her motherly duties. "We have prepared various sessions to connect film and society. I am confident that it will be beneficial in the future", said President Pathak. The festival will also discuss geopolitics.

According to the organizers, the session will focus on the impact of geopolitics on movies. In the session on 'Role of Cinema in Geopolitics', Director Prakash Sayami, Politician Dr. Leela Nyaichai, Dr. Roshan Yadav of UNESCO, and Professor Khadg KC will present their views. 95 selected competing films will be screened at the festival, where filmmakers from thirty-five countries will be represented. The movie 'Chari' (uncompetitive) directed by Corin Sharma will be screened as the 'opening film'.