Students In Public Schools Have Not Decreased


Mar 15, Kathmandu: In some public schools, there are questions about the lack of students and the quality of education. Due to the competition with private schools, it is natural for public schools to have questions. But not all public schools are as weak as you think. Rather than private schools, they are more competitive with private schools. One of them is Kanti Secondary School in Butwal, Rupandehi.

Some public schools of Wutwal have broken the pressure of private educational institutions and established themselves as the best schools in the country. Locals say that Butwal Kalika Secondary School and Kanti Secondary School are providing better quality education than private educational institutions.

Therefore, Kanti Secondary School is the choice of the students in that area. According to school sources, work is being done to organize the physical structures of the school with the increase in the number of students in the school.

More than 5,000 students are currently studying in Kanti Secondary School. The principal of the school, Gobind Gyawali, also said that according to the wishes of the parents of the students, hostels have been started for some students studying in classes 10 and 12. He said that the physical structure of the school is at the stage of completion.

He also said that the structures in the school have been put to full use. In the sample school selection program, Kanti Secondary School has become the best school in the district.