ISU Election: 12 Contestants For President of University Center

Mar 15, Kathmandu: The date of the Independent Students Union (ISU) election has been fixed on March 19.

The election officer of Tribhuvan University Central Campus, Swaviyu Election Committee, Prof. Dr. According to Ramesh Kumar Shrestha, there are 62 nominations from the chairman to various officials and members for the University of Swabiyu.

There are 12 candidatures for the post of President at the University. Although 14 candidates from student organizations close to different political parties were nominated, two people withdrew their candidatures on Monday.

Ram Raj Ojha is the president on behalf of the Nepali Students Association, which is close to the Nepali Congress. Talking about the Swaviyu elections, he said that this election, which is going to be held after about 15 years, will bring the university back to a rhythm.

Ojha said, "After about 14, 15 years, the Swaviyu elections are taking place. The university had forgotten its date. The university did not accept the law made by itself. Now the university will return to a rhythm, build the collective power of students", he said. He said that 'system improvement, educational quality as the first base' has been decided as their main slogan.

Prakash Bista is the candidate for chairmanship from the Aneraswawiyu, which is close to CPN (UML). Bisht said that Aneraswaviyu had published a ten-ten vision about what a university should be like a month ago.

Bisht said, "Ten-Ten Vision, similar to the Matri Party, was held in the central campus a month ago. This is the most powerful thing that has been made public about what to do within the university.

Likewise, Bipin Wik has been nominated for chairmanship from Akhil Revolutionary, which is close to the CPN (Maoist Center). He said that the commitment of what can be done in the management of the university from Swaviyu has been made public.

Vic said, "We have already made public the commitment why we should do self-development and what we can do. We have made public the opinion that why Akhil is revolutionary.

He said that the activities should be carried out according to the academic calendar, health insurance for all students, management of the university, etc., and their leadership is necessary.