Film Director Pratap Subba Passes Away

Mar 16, Kathmandu- Famous senior director Pratap Subba, passed away at the age of 78 on Thursday. According to the local media of West Bengal, India, he died in a hospital in Siliguri. He is also the first Indian film director of Nepali descent.

Subba, who started his career by directing 'Paral Ko Aago' which was released in 2035, has directed commercially and critically acclaimed Nepali films such as Baachna Chahaneharu, Masal, Kahi Andhyaro Kahi Ujyalo, Didi, Chatyang and Bhishma Pratigya.

Paral Ko Aago, directed by Subba, who is considered to be the pioneer of Nepali original film, was the first original Nepali film made outside of Nepal. It is considered to be a film adapted to literature. According to director and producer Neer Shah, Subba belongs to Bengali director Satya Jit Ray and Mrinal Sen school of thought.

He came to Nepal in the 40s and returned to Darjeeling in the 50s after directing famous Nepali movies and telefilms. He had attended the previous edition of the Nepal International Film Festival (NIF) and narrated his words.

Speaking at that time, he recalled that the film 'Kahi Andhyaro Kahi Ujyaalo' was not allowed to run as a communist film. He had said that the movie was labeled as communist, saying that the difference between the rich and the poor was presented in the film.

In the year 2050, he wrote the screenplay of the film 'Chatyang'. He returned to Darjeeling after the 'Bhishma Pratiya'. He opened the Diamond Acting Institute, Cine Universe and gave birth to the technician. Taught camera editing. During the corona epidemic, he gave a suggestion to the new generation of filmmakers, "Let's take training during this time." Write a script, write a song. It will work when everything is opened now.

After the news of Subba's death, many people are paying their respects to him on social media.