3rd Liglige Cycle Race Championship Title, Sena's Tamatalai

Mar 18, Kathmandu- The 3rd Ligalige cycle race competition has been completed in Palungtar, Gorkha.

With the aim of developing tourism by reflecting the historical, cultural diversity and natural beauty of Ligligkot, the Liglige cycle race competition is being organized annually.

Himal Tamata of the Nepali Army won first place in the competition held on Saturday. Similarly, Achyut Krishna Kharel came second and Kumar Tamang came third.

The cycle race started from Ligligkot Aam Pipal Bhanjyang – Harmi Bhanjyang – Mukun Danda – Amppipal Hospital – Bhantar – Bhandarthok – Chepepul – Garambeshi – Chepeghat Dobhan – Airport – Talpokhari – Kaal Mata – Municipal Office – Bahrapirke – Luitel – Bhat Dada – Bohora Gaon – Bijuli Dada – Kholli: and finally to the end in Liligkot.

In the competition, prizes are arranged in 3 categories namely Men's Elite, Men's Master, and Local.

In a total of 53 km cycle races, Tamata, who won first place in the elite category, will get 75,000, Kharel, who won 50,000, and Tamang, who won 30,000, will get a medal along with the cash prize.

A cash prize of 15,000 and 7500 for the fifth place has been arranged for the fourth place.

In the same way, the first prize in the men's category is 15,000, the second prize is 10,000 and the third prize is 5,000.

Participating from the locals of Palungtar, Gorkha, Rainas, Bhanu Municipality, and Sirachowk Rural Municipality, the first place contestant will get 5000, the second place will get 3000 and the third place will get 2000.

Organizer Village Sports has informed that the competition which has been held for the last two years has been continued this time as well.

Binod Shrestha, president of Lilig Village Sports, said that the aim of developing mountain tourism is to expose the history, culture and nature of Liglilig Kot region, which has a tradition of running to be the king every year, through adventure sports.

"Our main objective is to promote and promote tourism through sports", he said.