Anmol KC Did Bungee Jump And Sky Cycling In Kushma

Mar 18, Kathmandu- Nepali film hero Anmol KC has done sky cycling and bungee jumping in Kushma.

On Saturday, KC went to Kushma to bungee jump with his friends. Raju Karki, the owner of The Cliff informed that along with the bungee jumping, he also enjoyed the Sky Cafe.

"The team including Casey enjoyed the bungee and sky cycling and the sky cafe today," he said.

KC is also famous as a 'mega star' in Nepali movies. The hero KC has the lead role in movies like 'Dreams', Captain, Kri, Ae Mero Hajar, Gajalu.

Under the vision and leadership of Raju Karki, the world's highest swing and the world's second-highest bungee jump have been built in The Cliff, which was built by connecting the Kaligandaki river gorge, mountain, and Baglung Balewa.

Along with bungee and swing, cliff resort, the world's highest professional sky rope cycling, sky cafe, Guleli Ping, crazy bridge, sky gliding, sky cafe, and other activities are in operation. "We have adventures from normal to extreme thrills,'
Chairman Raju says, "This place has become a family destination as it is all about adventure".