Parliamentary Crisis In France

Mar, 19, Kathmandu- A parliamentary crisis has arisen in France after French President Emmanuel Macron passed the controversial pension reform bill by bypassing the parliament.

A parliamentary crisis erupted in France after the opposition parties filed a no-confidence vote against the Macron government on Friday for passing the much-controversial bill contrary to public expectations.

It is seen that the outrage over the use of Article 49.3 will lead to more toxic debates and more disputes in the National Assembly. On Friday, the opposition parties presented a motion of no confidence in Bourne's government. A vote on the proposal will be held next week.

Opposition parties have accused the government of passing the bill through undemocratic means, breaking parliamentary values and norms. The opposition parties have called for a vote against the Macron government. Labor unions have also appealed to political parties to stand against Macron's move.

After seeing signs that the bill would not be passed by both the upper and lower houses of the parliament, the government announced that the bill had been passed by the parliament on Thursday using the constitutional special article 49.3.

Opposition parties, protesting labor unions, and analysts have taken the article as a symbol of cruelty. They say that this provision will reduce the support of both the government and democratic institutions. Surveys have shown increasing anger towards governments that ignore the people.

Antoine Bristielle, a public opinion expert at the Foundation Jean-Jaures think tank, said that making such an important law without a parliamentary vote would further antagonize the country and deepen the feelings of the Yellow Vest rebels. He told the media this week, pointing to a survey by the public e-phone organization - 'Approximately eight out of 10 people, including the majority of voters who supported Macron in the first round of last year's presidential election, opposed the passage of legislation in this way'.

Left-wing leader Jean-Luc Malasso and influential right-wing leader Marine Le Pen, who lost to Macron in the last presidential election, are also trying to gather enough numbers for the vote of no confidence.

After failing to garner enough support for his controversial bill, Macron is now continuing his efforts to win over the opposition. His strategy is to fail to gather enough votes to bring down his government. There is no doubt that this strategy can/can't get him re-elected. However, the French media are of the opinion that it may jeopardize the possibility of building a parliamentary agreement for the government to move forward.