106 Unopposed Election Of ISU Leadership On Campus

Mar, 19, Kathmandu- Under the elections of the Independent Students' Union (ISU) conducted across the country, the leadership has been elected unopposed in 106 different campuses. According to this, while leadership was elected unopposed in 21 campuses of Koshi province, ISU was elected unopposed in 19 campuses of Bagmati, 12 of Gandaki, 34 of Lumbini, 14 of Karnali, 3 of Sudurpaschim, and 5 campuses of Valley.

According to the University sources, there are 448 campuses across the country where the elections will be held and nominations were registered in 284 campuses. Similarly, nominations could not be registered in 100 campuses due to disputes.

Later, due to disputes in various campuses, the number of campuses that could not hold elections on Sunday was 114, sources said.

Elections were held on 217 different campuses today. According to the information received, voting is taking place in 41 campuses in Koshi, 11 in Madhes, 25 in Bagmati, 20 in Gandaki, 38 in Lumbini, and 22 in Karnali.

Similarly, elections were held today in 35 states of Far West, 10 states will be held on the 8th and one will be held on Monday. Similarly, elections were held in 25 campuses in the valley today.