Telemedicine Service Started In Bharatpur Hospital From Today

Aug 24, Kathmandu- Phone counseling facility (telemedicine) has started in Bharatpur Hospital from Thursday. The telemedicine service can be availed in the hospital from 12 noon to 3 PM.

According to Prof. Dr. Krishna Prasad Paudel, Chief Medical Superintendent of Bharatpur Hospital, the service can be obtained by calling 056-597003 of the hospital and dialing 222 after receiving the 'ringtone'.

He said that under this service, health workers and doctors can be consulted for information about disease and treatment.

He informed that the hospital has made a plan to provide services through video from next month.

He said that under this service, one can get consultation regarding diseases, treatment and services provided by the hospital.

Poudel said that the service was started to prevent patients from coming to the hospital with common problems. The service will be extended depending on its effectiveness.

The hospital has also started providing drug information over the phone. According to Poudel, this service day has been started from 10 am to 5 pm.

He informed that one can dial 166 by calling 9809181300 or 056-597003 for general consultation regarding medicines.

He said that patients will not have to go to the hospital for minor problems as they will be able to get questions or information about medicine over the phone.

According to Dr. Kalidas Adhikari, a senior physician of the hospital, there is a problem in taking medicine in places where there are only elderly people at home.

He said that senior citizens have to take many medicines at the same time and some of them come to the hospital with additional problems because they cannot separate them.

He says that even if this service is not a complete solution, it will help to some extent.

Senior physician Mahendra Agrahari said that there are many problems with medicine when children are abroad and only elderly parents are here. He says that there is a problem if the medicine is not taken according to the prescribed amount.