Vice President Of The Medical Education Commission Will Be Selected On Bhadra 17 And 18

31, Kathmandu- The interview of those who applied for the post of Vice President of Medical Education Commission will be held on 17th and 18th of Bhadra. Among the candidates who submitted applications for the post of Vice President of the Commission, the interview notification has been issued for 9 candidates whose applications have been accepted.

The applications of Prada Sangita Singh Bhandari, Prof. Dr. Suman Kumar Shrestha, Dr. Pravin Mishra, Prof. Dr. Piyush Dahal and Prof. Dr. Bidhan Nidhi Poudel, the current vice president Prada Srikrishna Giri, Dr. Pramod Kumar Yadav, Dr. Anjani Kumar Jha, and Prada Manen Prasad Gorkhali have been accepted for the post of vice president of the commission.

Candidates are requested to attend the interview at least 1 (one) hour before the scheduled time with complete copies of all the documents submitted along with the application.

It is also requested to submit the presentation of the thinking paper with the professional action plan (PowerPoint Presentation Slide – electronic copy of Flip Chart) to the secretariat of the recommendation committee, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Singhdarwar on Friday, 15th of Bhadra by 3:00 PM.

It has been informed through a notice that even if the day of the presentation of the thinking paper and the interview falls on a public holiday, the program will continue as usual.