Competition Of '14 Plays' In School Drama Festival

Sep 05, Kathmandu- 14 plays are going to be staged in the school drama festival organized in Pokhara. The 5th edition of the drama festival is being organized by Pokhara Theater from Bhadra 27 to Ashwin 12.

The coordinator of the festival Paritar said that schools within Pokhara Metropolitan City will stage 14 plays. According to him, 1 more guest play from Kathmandu will be staged.

Pokhara Pragya-Pratishthan has helped to organize the drama festival. Gandaki Pragya Pratishthan and Right for Children have also collaborated.

On the first day of the festival, Hill Point Mavi Matepani Pokhara's drama 'Shilanyasa' will be staged on August 27. Directed by Ramesh Timalsina, the play is written by Bhimanidhi Tiwari.

On the 28th Navdeep Boarding School Amarsingh will stage the play 'M..M..M..M..Bhoot'. The drama written by Sarubhakta is directed by Dipsana Vishwakarma. The play 'Bhola' prepared by Pragati Mavi Batulechaur will be staged on Bhadra 29.

The play written by Tank Chaulgai will be staged under the direction of Meena Bhandari. Written by Bijay Malla and directed by Dhankaji Shrestha, the stage play 'Kohi Kina Barbad Hos' was staged on 30th of Bhadra.

Bhanubhakta Awasiya Secondary School Simpani's play 'Andhyarama Jovananeharu' will be staged on Bhadra 31. The play written by Man Bahadur Mukhia is directed by Manoj Adhikari.

On Ashwin 3rd, it is the turn of the guest drama. Kathmandu Pragya Kunj School's play 'Khelne bela khelxau, Padhne bela Padhxau', written and directed by Tank Chaulagai will be seen.

On Ashwin 4th, the play 'Kirtipur Ko Yudhama' will be staged at Gurukul Bidhya Sadan Nayabazar. Milan Shrestha will direct the play written by Hriday Chandra Singh Pradhan.

On Ashwin 5th, the play 'Muna Madan' will be staged by Mount Annapurna Secondary School Nadipur. The short poem written by Lakshmi Prasad Devkota will be seen under the theatrical adaptation and direction of Sonika Karki Khatri.

On the 6th of Ahswin, it was the turn of the children's temple Mavi Nadipur's 'Pathshala' play. Susan Poudel is directing the play written by Tank Chaulagai.

Bhaskar Memorial School Phulbari will present the play 'Andhi Ko Manoram Nritya' on Ashwin 7th. The drama written by Ghimire Yuvraj will be directed by Roshni Ramdam.

Sunflower Boarding School Archalbot will stage the play 'Snow White' on  Ashwin 8. Dipsana Bishwakarma has done the theatrical adaptation of this play. Dilip Devkota is directing it.

On the 9th of Ashwin, the turn of KEF Secondary School Simpani's play 'Karmako Phal' has come. Rohit Paudel will direct the play written by Bhanubhakta Aviral.

On Ashwin 10th, you can watch the drama 'Yati'. Chorepatan Secondary School Chorepatan will be written by Sarubhakta and directed by Anusha Pariyar.

On the 11th of Ashwin, you can see the play 'Birsana Naskinine Manxe' of SOS Herman Minor School Pokhara. Directed by Amrit Pariyar, this play is written by Vasu Shashi.

On the last day of the festival, the play 'Masan' of Kaski Modernized Academy Chauthe will be seen on October 12th. Gopal Prasad Rimal is the writer of the drama directed by Anju Dahal.

All the plays will be staged at Gandharva Natakghar Graihapatan Pokhara after 1.30 pm.