BP's socialism cannot be implemented in practice: Shekhar Koirala

Sep 10, Kathmandu- Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala has said that BP's socialism has not been implemented in practice.

On the occasion of the 110th 'BP Festival' held in Chitwan today, Koirala said that the BP said that free education, health, and employment were not provided to the poor, helpless, and backward in the society, and the BP's socialism was also not implemented in practice.

He said that since the statue has been made in memory of senior leaders who were vandalized during the agitation, it is necessary to keep a record to preserve the Shaliks as well.

Leader Koirala asserted that there is no chaos in democracy and zero tolerance against corruption is necessary and transparency and accountability are fundamental principles of democracy. He said that he thinks that now the Congress is somehow disturbed by this matter.

The sculpture was constructed at a cost of 35 lakhs in BP Peace Park in Bharatpur-3. At that place, in 2053, a full-size dhalot was built, but after the dhalot was vandalized, a new dhalot was constructed.