Skywell's electric vehicle ET-5 in the market, offering a range of 620 km

Sep 10, Kathmandu- G Motors Pvt Ltd has imported the Chinese electric vehicle brand Skywell ET5 to Nepal. The company has introduced a premium electric SUV in the Nepali market. Skywell's electric vehicles have been sold in more than 48 countries including Germany, Israel, Turkey, and Russia.

G Motors claims that this vehicle is of high technology and has the highest range among the electric vehicles available in Nepal so far. "It gives a range of 620 kilometers on a single full charge," the statement issued by the company said, "It has a battery pack of 85.9 KWh, and an electric motor of 150 KW is available".

According to the company, the maximum speed of this vehicle is 160 km per hour. The company said that this SUV has been given a premium category as it is built on a pure EV platform based on intelligent styling, intelligent enjoyment, intelligent connectivity, intelligent driving, intelligent security, intelligent electronic, and intelligent joy.