Comprehensive Free Health Camp In Mandandeupur Municipality

Sep 10, Kathmandu- A comprehensive free health camp has been conducted at Mandandeupur Basic Hospital in Kavrepalanchowk district.

A health camp has been started under the hospitality of Deputy Prime Minister Bishnu Mani Nepal. Cardiology, acupuncture, gynecology, and general examination services are being provided in the camp. The camp will be conducted for two days.

Inaugurating the camp, Deputy Chief Nepal said that they are working to make basic hospital service facilities more citizen-oriented.

"At our basic hospital, there is no situation where specialist services can be conducted regularly. However, we have been providing expert services through health camps in collaboration with various associations. Work is also being done to make the hospital services more efficient", Deputy Chief Nepal said.

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The deputy head of Nepal said that the service prescribed by the government of Nepal for the basic hospital and the municipality is providing health treatment for the citizens by adding something to it. He said that after the hospital came into operation, the situation of having to go to Banepa and Dhulikhel for general treatment ended.

Narayana Krishna Shrestha, who coordinated the health camp, said that the camp was conducted according to the objective of providing specialist health services in his own place. Shrestha has been conducting free health camps for a long time in different places of Mandandeupur municipality.

"Due to covid, the health camp that we have been conducting regularly was stopped. Once again we have continued our work. Previously, there was a lot of space problem to run the camp. But now, after the basic hospital has been put into operation, it has become very easy," said Shrestha.

Bishnu Prasad Paudel, Ward Chairman of Ward No. 7, expressed his belief that the camp will help in disease detection. "If you have to go to another hospital for this examination, it costs a lot. But it is also a matter of opportunity to get a free health check-up in one's own village," said Paudel, the ward chairman.

Dr. Dil Bahadur Thokar, head of the hospital, said that the hospital has provided services to more than 8,000 citizens within one year of its establishment. Dr. Thokar said that the camp should be taken as an opportunity to receive specialist services at the local level.

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