Nepal is competing in the world's largest robotics competition First Global Challenge

Sep 12, Kathmandu- Nepal has participated in the world's biggest robotics competition, First Global Challenge. Students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) from Nepal have participated.

So far, in the competition, Nepap has achieved achievements in Innovative Robotics Solutions, Inspired Collaboration and STEAM Advocacy. The team of Nepal is showing its talent in the public awareness and cooperation of STEAM education by sitting on the hydrogen horizon theme.

It has also provided more inspiration to the next generation of scientists, engineers, and inventors in Nepal to participate in such programs. The competition has helped increase Nepal's presence in the global Steam community.

The team of Nepal consists of Nirjit Acharya of Pragya Kunja School, Raghav Agarwal of Euro School, Ayush Kunwar of Kanjirova School, Sougat Bhattarai of Pragya Vidyalaya, Sonesh Shrestha of Samvriddi School, Bihan Pandey of Samvriddi School, Research Officer of Nishta School, Adish Gautam and Raunak Kushwaha of Kanjirowa School, Kavya Parajuli of Pragya School, United Academy is Sachin Bijukhe. The mentor of the team is Subas Shrestha and the team director is Bikash Gurung.

Nepal has been participating in the First Global Challenge since 2018. In 2016, out of 193 countries, Nepal was ranked 26th. Last year, Team Nepal also received the Softie Award.