About 20,000 People Suspected To Have Died Due To Floods In Libya

Sep 14, Kathmandu- ​​​​​​It is suspected that nearly 20,000 people have died due to sudden floods in Libya.

So far, the bodies of 5,500 people have been found. The devastating floods that occurred last Sunday have caused great loss of life in the eastern region of the country. The mayor of the port city of Derna has said that it is estimated that around 18 to 20 thousand people died in the flood caused by the collapse of two dams. A huge flood came like a tsunami while people were sleeping. Many bodies are still buried under the wreckage or in the sea. Because of this, the risk of spreading many diseases has also increased.

Meanwhile, many of Libya's neighbors have started sending rescue teams and humanitarian aid. The United Nations has announced that it will immediately provide 10 million US dollars to help the flood victims of Libya.