Headless Dead Body Of A Woman Discovered In Bhaktapur

Sep 16, Kathmandu- The body of a woman who disappeared from her home two months ago was found with her head cut off on Saturday.

Deputy Superintendent of Police of District Police Complex Bhaktapur Basanta Pathak said that a woman who had gone to mow the grass in the Balkumari Community Forest in Tasi Tole, Madhyapurthimi Municipality-4, reported to the police after seeing a dead body without her head.

He informed that the skeleton of the woman who went missing two months ago was found in the forest of Madhyapurthimi. According to Pathak, the body was identified based on the clothes found on the skeleton.

"The body has been identified as that of 61-year-old Parameshwari Dahal, a resident of Banglamukhi in Suryavinayak Municipality-2, Balkot," he said.

Parameshwari's daughter, Januka Dahal, reported her mother missing on Shrawan 10 and filed a complaint at Thimi Police Circle. Stating that the body has been sent to Kathmandu Medical College Duwakot for autopsy, Pranau Pathak said that the police are investigating the incident further.