Although there are problems with the coalition government, it is unlikely to collapse: Bimalendra Nidhi

Sep 17, Kathmandu- Bimalendra Nidhi, the leader of the Nepali Congress and member of the House of Representatives, has said that although there are problems in the coalition government, there is no possibility of the government collapsing.

Congress leader Nidhi said this at a press conference organized by the Nepal Press Union in Janakpur today. He also said that since many parties have formed the government, it is only natural that there will be problems.

He said that after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is leading the government, CPN(S) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal and Congress Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba should stick to the previous agreement to lead the government. In response to a question from the media about Dahal being active by forming the Samajwadi Front and the speculation that the Congress-UML will form a government together, Congress leader Nidhi said, "It is natural to block fronts in politics." There is no need to panic in doing party activities. It is wrong to say that Congress-UML will form a government together. "There is no possibility. He also indicated that political stability in Nepal is complicated. "There should be political stability in both the Parliament and the government," said Nidhi, "that is not visible." Our belief is that the parliament should run for the full term. This is what is called political stability".

Congress leader Nidhi also informed that President Ramchandra Poudel will visit Janakpur on Ashwin 8th. He informed that President Paudel's visit to Janakpur, which was stopped due to bad weather, has been completed. President Poudel's visit to Janakpur was scheduled after the citizenship law was verified. However, due to extreme heat in Janakpur at that time, his visit was stopped.