Other Groups Of The Establishment Held Separate Meetings Before Before Congress Meeting

Sep 18, Kathmandu- Before the central committee meeting of the Nepali Congress, other groups of the establishment will hold a separate meeting.

Leader Shekhar Koirala has called the office bearers and central members who won as candidates from his party in the 14th Congress. According to sources, General Minister Vishwa Prakash Sharma and central member Pradeep Poudel were also called in the meeting. In the 14th Congress held in 078, Sharma Prakash Man Singh won the General Minister position from the panel, while Poudel Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba was defeated from the panel for the General Minister position.

But in the Congress parliamentary party election held on Paush 6, Sharma and Poudel were open to the candidate of the parliamentary party leader, General Minister Gagan Thapa. Thapa won the Chief Ministership from the Koirala panel. Koirala's Liaison Office will hold a meeting at Baluwatar on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Congress has called a central committee meeting on Ashwin 4. Koirala has called a meeting of his side to discuss various issues in order to collectively present their views in the said meeting.