'Dedicated Lane' From Ratnapark To Suryavinayak Being Operated

Sep 19, Kathmandu- In various areas of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, the work of creating 'dedicated lanes' for fast bus services is going on.

According to the Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office, a dedicated line of bus service is being prepared for Ratnapark to Suryavinayak, which is going to be operated from tomorrow, according to the government's plan to operate express bus service. Even now, the work of applying "red mark" is continuing.

Rajendra Prasad Bhatta, Senior Superintendent of Police, said that red marks are being made for dedicated lanes through the road division office of the respective district.

Marking according to the various intersections and roundabouts is going on. He also informed that a lot of work is being done at night because it is crowded during the day.

In some places, work is being done even in the afternoon. Now the red mark has been done in Ratnapark, Maitighar, Baneshwar, and other areas.

The government is going to provide the express bus service tomorrow on the occasion of the Constitution Day. Initially, two buses will run.

Senior Superintendent of Police Bhatta also said that they are preparing to inaugurate services at Ratnapark tomorrow. There is a plan to bring 25 buses into operation for fast service.

Traffic police will be mobilized for this service and the lane will be cleared. He said that other vehicles should not stop in the marked lane, they should leave the road in express.

The traffic police will now not allow other vehicles to ply in that lane to manage the traffic of the bus. Senior Superintendent of Police Bhatta said that assistance will also be given to speed up.