Actor Pradeep Being Criticized For His Status Targeting Actor Anmol KC

Oct 02, Kathmandu- Actor Pradeep Khadka has been criticized for his status targeting Anmol KC.

Pradeep wrote a sarcastic status about Anmol's arrest. Users on social media have objected to his post. Some have criticized him for having 'misogynist' views.

He was arrested on Friday after producer Supriya Katuwal filed a complaint against Anmol in the financial transaction dispute on making the film 'Rawayan'.

Anmol was released from custody on Sunday evening. On Monday morning, he wrote a status against Anmol giving various examples.

After the criticism, he wrote in another post that the artist cannot be above the producer and director.

An artist is only a tool, not above a director and a producer. While I accept this as an artist, I request the producers, directors and all concerned to tell me the truth if I am wrong. Also, if it is correct, please show unity," he said.