Elon Musk All Set To sell X's Inactive Account For $50,000

Nov 05, Kathmandu- Micro-blogging website X (Twitter) is selling inactive handles. According to the American business magazine Forbes, citing an internal email, the company will give buyers who pay up to $50,000 at the auction an inactive Twitter handle of their choice. According to the company's policy so far, an inactive Twitter handle cannot be released.

Company policy considers inactive accounts that have not been logged in for the past 30 days. So far, the company itself has not announced it publicly. At the end of last year, Musk announced that the company will delete one and a half billion inactive accounts to open the Domand handle. If inactive accounts are sold at auction, the challenging financial condition of the company will improve.

At one point in the first year Musk bought the company, X's valuation dropped by an average of $70 million per day. X users seem to be divided over the idea of auctioning inactive accounts. Some say it's good while some say it's an attempt to squeeze the user base and squeeze every single cent.

It remains to be seen how this effort will affect the company in the long run. It is not clear which handles will be available for sale at the auction. The company's announcement will surely raise the question of what will happen to the high-profile inactive account.