Millions Of Vaccine Against Coronavirus Are Going To Waste

Nov 06, Kathmandu- The 400,000,000 amount of vaccine brought against the coronavirus has started to go to waste.

The 400,000,000 cyanovac vaccine against the corona virus, provided by the Chinese government as a subsidy, has started to expire.

Since they cannot be used as booster doses, three vaccines have been stored in the central storage of the Health Service Department for two and a half years.

The vaccine was received on 12th and 14th of Baisakh 2078 with a subsidy from the Chinese government. On the 12th of Baisakh, 34 lakh 43 thousand 360 doses and on the 14th of Baisakh 5 lakh 56 thousand 640 doses of vaccine arrived in Nepal.

Dr. Sarvesh Sharma, director of the management division, said that the vaccine has started to expire as it cannot be used for booster doses. He said that the vaccine can no longer be used as it has expired.

"Now there is no epidemic of coronavirus. The vaccine has also expired. Therefore, we cannot use it", he said.