Trailer Of The movie 'Jump': When a runner gets the ability to change time

Nov 12, Kathmandu- The trailer of the film 'Jump' written and directed by Ashutosh Dhwaj Karki has been released. The two minutes and 12 seconds long trailer indicates that the plot of the film is 'suspense'.

This film, made in the genre of psychological thriller, will be screened on Mangsir 29. According to the story, the main character, who became a national runner, gets the supernatural ability to change time. Repressed feelings from the past begin to plague him. The film revolves around the events that came with it.

The film stars Saroj Shrestha, Sandesh Shakya, Binita Thapa, Manjil GC, Sagun Tamang, Roshni Sangbo, Shankar Maharjan, and Prabal Kandel. Writer and director Karki said that he believes that the film, which has a strong presence in the film festival, will give a different taste to the audience.