Prime Minister Netanyahu's Admission That The Israeli Army Has Failed To Reduce Civilian Deaths

Nov 18, Kathmandu- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the Israeli army has failed to reduce the loss of civilian lives in the ongoing war in Gaza.

Netanyahu said that the Israeli army is trying to minimize the damage to the common people of Gaza, but it has not succeeded. But he has considered Hamas responsible for this. Although the Israeli Prime Minister said that his army is working to root out Hamas, the group is using civilians as "human shields".

Netanyahu also responded to the people held hostage by Hamas after the October 7 attack on Israel. He said, "Netanyahu said that they have strong indications that these hostages are being held at Al-Shifa Hospital and that is the main reason why Israeli forces entered this hospital."

However, Netanyahu also said that when his troops entered the hospital on Wednesday, there were no hostages. "If they were, they would have been kicked out," he claimed. He said that the information about the hostages has been received but the less said the better.