Committee Set Up By Authority To Tighten 'Tiktok Ban'

Nov 18, Kathmandu- The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has formed a technical committee under the leadership of director Bijay Kumar Rai for the effective implementation of the government's decision to ban the operation of Tiktok.

A 4-member technical committee was formed under the leadership of Rai at the meeting held on Friday of the Telecommunication Authority. The members of the committee are Sudhir Parajuli, President of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAN), representative of the Ministry of Communications, Government of Nepal, and Rosakiran Basukala of the authority as member secretary.

Coordinator Bijay Kumar Rai informed that the technical committee will monitor and investigate and submit a report on whether or not Tiktok is closed within 7 days. "We are investigating which ISPs have banned Tiktok, which ones are unable to do so or are having difficulties, and we will prepare a report on this within 7 days."

On Friday, 10 petitions were filed in the Supreme Court against the government's decision to close Tiktok. Legal practitioners and digital rights advocates have demanded that the government's decision be unconstitutional and revoked. The Supreme Court administration has kept all the writ petitions together and fixed the date of preliminary hearing on next Monday (November 4).