Congress should make a strategy for earthquake victims from the central level: Nain Singh Mahar

Nov 19, Kathmandu- Central member of Nepali Congress, Nainsingh Mahar, has expressed the opinion that the Congress should become active when the government seems to be slow in solving the problems of the earthquake victims.

On the occasion of World Toilet Day, Leader Mahar commented on social media that the government has not yet been able to work as expected, and said that the Congress should not remain silent in such a situation. Leader Mahar has said, "The objective of Sustainable Development Goal 6 is to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. In particular, 6.2 percent of the citizens are still forced to walk in the open and the objective of sustainable development 6 is to end it and provide access to sanitation and hygiene".

Stating that the government is the guardian of all the people, he remarked that the presence of the government was low because the people were suffering a lot due to the earthquake in Jajarkot, Rukum West, Bajhang, and other areas. There are reports that seven people have died due to cold. In such a situation, the government should have been serious, but it could not be done. Congress should not become a silent spectator, he said. Mahar is of the opinion that Congress should make a central strategy to build the people's shelter while the earthquake victims have to spend the night in the cold.

While World Toilet Day is being celebrated, the condition of toilets in the earthquake-affected areas is critical. On the one hand, most of the toilets are broken, on the other hand, there is a risk of a dire situation as the environment is getting polluted due to lack of proper arrangement of toilets in Tripal and temporary towers. The government should be aware of this, he said.

Mahar says that since a large number of people were affected by the earthquake that occurred in Bajhang on Ashwin 16 and the structures that were cracked by the aftershocks and the earthquake that took place at Lamidanda in Jajarkot on Kartik 17, Mahar says that their proper management is the main need now. In Jajarkot and Rukum West, 154 people have lost their lives and 362 people have been injured. Government statistics show that damage has been done in seven districts of Karnali. About 43 thousand 214 houses have been completely or partially damaged.

Similarly, 355 schools have been damaged. The condition of government and other office buildings is also critical. International World Toilet Day has been celebrated since 2012 on November 19 to inspire action to solve the global sanitation crisis.