UML Demand To Make Proper Arrangements To Protect The Lives Of Earthquake Victims

Nov 20, Kathmandu- CPN-UML has demanded that proper arrangements be made to protect the lives of earthquake victims.

Expressing its serious attention to the death of the earthquake victims due to cold, the UML has demanded immediate arrangements to save the lives of the citizens.

Our party has drawn serious attention to the death of 10 earthquake victims in the earthquake-affected district of Jajarkot without receiving timely treatment.

"It is a tragedy because the government has not been able to provide housing and treatment to the elderly, chronically ill, children, women, and pregnant women," UML Publicity and Publications Department Head Rajendra Gautam said in a statement issued on Monday. "Our party expresses heartfelt condolences to the citizens who died without receiving treatment in time and strongly demands the government to immediately make proper arrangements for the protection of the lives of the citizens."