China Congratulates The New President Of Argentina Milei

Nov 20, Kathmandu- China has congratulated the newly elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, and said that it will continue to work with him. During the election campaign, Milei promised to cut ties with Beijing.

"China has always given high importance to the development of China-Argentina relations from a strategic and long-term perspective", said Mao Ning, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "The development of China-Argentina relations has become a consensus among all sectors of the society in both countries and it has brought tangible benefits to the people of both countries. "

He said that China is willing to work with Argentina for the continuation of China-Argentina friendship. "China supports related development and revitalization through win-win cooperation", he said.

Meili, who describes himself as an 'anarchist capitalist', has made major changes by removing the Peronist coalition that has dominated Argentina's politics for a long time. He vowed to cut ties with China, one of Argentina's top trading partners, as well as with Brazil, saying, "I will not do business with communists."

He has also said that he is against abortion. He has insulted Pope Francis as well. Questioning the number of deaths under Argentina's cruel dictatorship, he said that climate change is not caused by humans.