Hearing Of The Writ Against The Decision To Close TikTok In The Bench Of Judge Binod Sharma

Nov 21, Kathmandu- The hearing of the petition filed in the Supreme Court against the government's decision to ban the social media platform Tiktok has also been scheduled today.

Today, the judgment has been fixed in the single bench of the Supreme Court Judge Binod Sharma. Earlier, yesterday in the bench of Judge Kumar Chudal, the fixed fee was not sent to see. After the government banned the social network Tiktok, senior advocate Dinesh Tripathi and others filed a writ seeking an interim order to cancel the government's decision and allow Tiktok to run in its previous state.

It has also been mentioned in the writ that the decision of the government is illegal and unconstitutional, malicious and arbitrary. The Council of Ministers meeting held on Kartik 27 had decided to shut down Tik Tok saying that it was disrupting social harmony.