Nepal is at high risk due to climate change: Prachanda

Nov 21, Kathmandu- Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" has said that Nepal is at high risk due to climate change.

Addressing the National Climate Conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Prime Minister Prachanda said that Nepal is at high risk due to climate change. "We are facing multi-faceted challenges due to the changing climate, massive changes in the nature, amount and schedule of monsoon rains, temperature increase and changes in rainfall, increase in disasters and calamities," said Prime Minister Prachanda.

He said that the effects of climate change are especially visible in the form of snowmelt and explosions in the Himalayan region, landslides and droughts in the mountainous regions, and floods and landslides in the Terai Madhesh. Studies have shown that two-thirds of the glaciers of the mountains in this region will melt due to the increase in temperature. Prime Minister Prachanda said, "The poor, small farmers, marginalized tribals, tribals, women, children, disabled, and senior citizens living in the Himalayas, mountains, and Terai Madhes have been more affected by the effects of climate change."

Prachanda says that subject areas where climate change has a special contribution to the economy, such as agriculture, water resources, tourism, etc., as well as food security, health, water supply, and livelihoods the climate crisis and risk will increase in the future due to the widespread impact on security and the decline in the economic and social sectors, increasing health and food security problems.