86 Coordinators Of Durga Prasai In The Program Management Of Mangsir 7

Nov 21, Kathmandu- On Mangsir 7, medical professional Durga Prasai is holding a demonstration program on with the Youth Association. The district administration office has issued a prohibition order at Maitighar and designated a place for the two groups to demonstrate at different places. In coordination with Kathmandu's Chief District Officer Jitendra Basnet, Durga Prasai has agreed to hold a program at Balkhu.

Security officials say that a possible 'encounter' has been averted with the youth association agreeing to hold a program at Tinkune. Prasai is demonstrating with the support of microfinance and cooperative victims.

Prasain has appointed 86 coordinators to manage the program. Coordinators with different responsibilities have been appointed for transport management and bringing the general public to Kathmandu.

The home administration is closely monitoring the demonstration that Prasai is going to do. The home administration estimates that Prasai will bring 5,000 people to Kathmandu from outside the valley. However, Durga Prasain claimed that only about 27,000 Nepalis abroad are going to participate in his demonstration.

The security agency estimates that around 20,000 people will gather in the youth union's demonstration at Tinkunema.